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I had used your DEAD SEA PRODUCTS PERSONALLY, I found them very healthy, useful for women specially in Bahrain & Egypt!!

Donald H. Green
In Jordan last summer, we received some of your wonderful products as a gift from the Royal Family. We would be interested in obtaining more. Donald H. Green
Perth, West Australia
I have recently bought your Dead Sea cleanser and night cream and find them lovely to use. Before I recommend the products to my friends however and purchase more myself, I would like to set my mind at ease. Ruth Karajas Perth, West Australia
Maha Rahwangi
I have tried them and was impressed by their quality. Maha Rahwangi
I would just like to say a big thank you! I live in Australia and got my order in super quick time! I am still waiting for delivery of an order that I made with an Australian Company on the same day I ordered from you. Kellie,